Pre and Post Natal Performance Training Program

Training Women
for Life’s Ultimate Marathon

Do you want an easier pregnancy, smoother childbirth, and faster postpartum recovery? If your answer is yes, this is for you!

Utilizing an evidence-based Performance Training Approach, I will design and coach you through a customized program to help you successfully manage the increased stress placed on your body, and recover from it most effectively – perhaps emerging even stronger than you were prior to pregnancy.


What to Expect?

Just like running a marathon or training for a sport requires a specific training program, so does pregnancy and childbirth.


Why Train With Me?

I started my professional fitness journey back in 2008 and have been growing through multiple disciplines and formats since then. I have always been fascinated by the idea of training women during pregnancy and after giving birth.

This is a specialty that is very close to my heart and is highly underserved in our local market which I am very happy to start changing through the Mama Moves program.


Train better for the ultimate athletic event ahead of you. This program will prepare you for the specific stresses and demands you will face so that your body is prepared to handle them as well as motherhood and activities of daily living while taking care of your new baby. Reap the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, such as improving circulation, maintaining a healthy weight, building endurance needed for labor and delivery, and improving mood, sleep, and energy.


Train to effectively recover from pregnancy and labor, and get back to doing everything you love and more. Rebuild your core, restore strength to your pelvic floor, and work on proper alignment and movement mechanics to help expedite your recovery. Safely build your strength and get back to your favorite activities stronger than before.

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